Warm Spiced & Spiked Apple Sangria

We get it. The weather is dreary out and what better way to warm up with this cocktail! Goes perfect in a pitcher and shared around a fire with friends.

What you’ll need:

Fire Ball Whiskey, half cup

Skunktown‘s Thatcher’s Rye Whiskey, half cup

Dry White Wine (of your choice), 1 bottle

Local Cider, we used Melick’s, 1 Gallon

One whole Orange cut in half and squeezed

One Cinnamon Stick

Four Cloves

Three Star Anise


Warm up cider and spices in pot. Once at a simmer, kill the heat and add in your room temp white wine, whiskey’s & stir. Pour into a pitcher and enjoy. Garnish with chamomile flowers, frozen cranberries, or a whole cinnamon stick for added punch.

For an added twist to introducing other aromatics while you simmer like citrus peels, cranberries, thyme, rosemary, balsam, chamomile tea, and apples. We highly encourage you to try this at home.


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