Apple Butter Recipe By Denise (@njpastrychef)

Apple Butter 

Makes about 3, 8oz Mason Jars 

5 apples 

½ c apple cider 

¼ c brown sugar 

1/4t salt 

1 t apple spice (cinnamon, nutmeg & ginger)  

1t lemon juice 

Apple Picking at local farms is a highlight of the Fall season. But a girl can only eat so much apple pie and crisp. Each year I like to cook down the rest of the ones picked into apple butter. A smooth and flavorful apple puree, perfect for toast, pancakes and waffles. I also love to give filled mason jars as gifts to family and friends!

To start all you would need is either an oven proof Dutch oven, Crock pot or even a regular stove top pot (This would just take a little longer).  A peeler, knife, cutting board and food processer or blender would also been needed along with patience. 

I like to make this apple butter with various apple varieties. Usually at least one granny smith to help cut the sweetness and a honey crisp to add some extra flavor. Simply peel the apples, core and cut into fourths. No need to slice thin or chop any smaller. Place into the available pot and toss with the remaining ingredients. 

If cooking in a crockpot start off on a medium to low setting. For a Dutch oven or regular pot also start it on a medium flame on the stove top and keep it covered. After about 30 minutes the apples will begin to break down, every couple of minutes stir to make sure its evenly cooking. Once it has reached the consistency of apple sauce reduce to a lower flame or setting. When I use a Dutch oven, I will place it in a 250F degree oven. But stove top would also work, just be mindful of stirring more often. After about 4 hours the apples will take on deep caramel color. Between the brown sugar and the natural sugars in the apples they begin to slightly caramelize taking on this rich color and flavors. Once the texture of the apples is smoother let the puree cool. You can blend it in a food processer if desired for an even smoother consistency. Let cool in the fridge and enjoy all fall long! 

Denise, born and raised in Northern New Jersey. Started her culinary career at Johnson and Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island. She completed her studies by graduating a Bachelor’s in Baking and Pastry Arts and Food Service Management, while also minoring in Contemporary Pastry, Beverage Management and Psychology.

As the Pandemic hit she is also teaching Virtual Baking class through Fēst cooking. Follow her class and recipe updates @NJpastrychef on Instagram.

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