Kombucha with Buchabae

As the trends come and fade over the years, many are not able to stay relevant for more than a year. Then fermentation came to afloat and caught people’s eyes starting in the early 90’s. Such as the beautiful nectar of wine and grains steeped into water and fermented to beer. But what about things […]


Midnight Market 6/14

Do you like spending a Friday night filled with friendly faces, music and lots of food and drinks? Chances are you do. Ditch the arguing in the group chat on where and when to eat. Do yourself a favor and check out Midnight Market!  Midnight Market is a foodie and nightlife dream. Occurring on the […]


Hearty Vegetable Chili

It was quite cold last week. I’m a winter person, but the weather caught me by surprise. With the cloudy days coming I wanted to make something that is both warm and nutritious for your soul. This dish is quite simple. Wether using a pot or a crockpot on low heat for a long time, […]