Midnight Market 6/14

Do you like spending a Friday night filled with friendly faces, music and lots of food and drinks? Chances are you do. Ditch the arguing in the group chat on where and when to eat. Do yourself a favor and check out Midnight Market!  Midnight Market is a foodie and nightlife dream. Occurring on the […]


Sourland Music Festival 2018

What makes for an exceptional culinary experience?  The food, of course, must be great, the location wonderful, the music just right, and a sense of community. If you agree with that definition, consider attending the Sourland Music Festival this Saturday [June 23].  Go with as many friends and family as you like, and join many more people from […]


Grass-fed October Meister

      For those of you already in the know, the following won’t come as a surprise to you.  As for the rest of you, prepare to receive divine messages channeled in from the culinary gods of heaven and earth.   Project P.U.B. of Somerville,  NJ has been making grand strides in not only elevating […]