Brookside Boxes

The Covid-19 pandemic has been incredibly hard on the restaurant industry. Almost a year of significant restrictions, expensive modifications, and the empty tables that come along with them have forced so many owners to close down their once-delicious slices of the American dream. 

I know this all too well because of my dad. He started his produce company, Brookside Farms, over 34 years ago; his clients were all local eateries, shops, and restaurants with a focus on serving up the best, most natural, seasonal, and local fruits and vegetables. My dad’s vision was simple: wake up every day and work hard to exceed his client’s expectations with quality and service (plus a classic dad joke). 

34 years of 4 AM mornings, 6 times a week. 34 years of trucking from NJ to NY and back again, with dozens of stops in each direction. 

And then, the pandemic. 

After years of orders streaming in, my dad’s phone was silent. His messages were empty. Business had come to a complete and utter stop. 

But he didn’t give up. Instead, my dad did something remarkable at the age of 62 – he pivoted his business from restaurant delivery to home delivery. He saw the food store lines, impossible wait times for a slot on the instacart route, and, most importantly, families worrying about how, when, and where they would get fresh produce again. 

Brookside was the answer. 

My dad, with my mom at his side (and doing a ton of the work!), created a new dream in the midst of what mostly felt like a nightmare. He called in all the kids: myself, my sisters, Rachel and Katie, and my brother, Michael, to do everything from e-mails and social media to route planning and follow up phone calls. 

And we all came running. Well, virtually running. Most of our work happens from home; my dad and mom, however, are on the front lines of food delivery every single week, bringing Brookside Boxes to families in Middlesex, Monmouth, Ocean, Essex, Somerset, and Union Counties, with hopes to expand as we grow our team (safely!). 

So what are Brookside Boxes? They are farm-style, super fresh, seasonal, delicious, natural, ripe, and ready assortments of fruits and veggies, delivered right to your door. We design a new box each week and send out details on Monday mornings. That being said, order now and trust us! Brookside Farms Home Delivery likes to over-deliver on our commitment to keeping NJ families healthy and full of Mother Nature’s finest.  

Our 1/2 box is perfect for a family of 2-4. We recommend the full size for families of 4-6. Feeding a bigger crew? Try our XL box! We also have all-fruit and all-veggie options. 

We’d love to add you to our route for next week! 

How can you order?



Written by Bridget Riepl 

@bridgetriepl on IG

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