Prima Pizza Challenges The Lava Boys With an Insanely Spicy Pizza

The Lava Boys took a trip to Prima Pizza Kitchen in Somerville, New Jersey to try what the owner calls
“the spiciest pizza he has ever made”! The owner, Jerry Carollo, invited Jon and Dan out to his award
winning pizza joint so they could film on location.

The pizza, now dubbed “The Lava Pie”, is a well done crust topped with habanero infused red sauce and
then jalapenos, more habaneros and Italian long hot peppers! The Boys even added in some Carolina
Reaper hot sauce for good measure.

This was hands down the spiciest pizza that they ever had. It was prepared and cooked absolutely perfect and those peppers were scorching!

Prima Pizza Kitchen is located at 131 N Gaston Ave, Somerville, NJ 08876. They are open Tuesday – Sunday for pick up and no contact delivery. Call (908) 203-1800 to place your order today or visit

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