Jack Austin’s (Weehawkin)

Jack Austin’s is one of the few restaurants that truly provides a menu with options for every member of your group! With a location that is both classic yet stylish, Jack Austin’s menu is a proud incorporation of seafood, American classics and southern-style cooking.

The bar offers drinks for those of us still wishing for summer days or for those of us ready to embrace the change in weather, such as Jack’s Hot Apple Cider. All drinks pair perfectly with the delicious appetizer menu that includes classic wings, fresh ricotta and pita for vegetarian diners, and even east coast oysters so fresh they’ll win over even your pickiest eaters. If you still have room for entrees, be warned that deciding on just one is a challenge! Jack Austin’s perfectly executes signature dishes such as fresh chopped lobster cobb salad, southern-style BBQ ribs, and crispy fish and chips. And a trip to Jack Austin’s isn’t complete without a warm plate of chocolate a la mode to share with friends, family or to indulge in all on your own!

Be sure to bring your friends and family to Jack Austin’s for daily classics or weekend brunch, or go online to order amazing dishes right to your door!

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