Introducing THE LAVA BOYS

The Lava Boys are two guys from New Jersey who don’t know when to stop adding heat to their food.
Their love for spicy food challenges and making people laugh collide to bring you absolutely insane,
sometimes ridiculous videos.

The Lava Boys consist of Jon Dipierro, a full-time video producer and motion design artist and Dan Poli,
a full-time graphic designer and photographer. Their passion for their art shines through to the Lava Boys
series. Jon designs all of the animations for the show and Dan designed their logo and all merchandise
along with photography. Their editing experience also comes into play making them able to pepper out
content on a weekly basis.

One of the main goals of The Lava Boys is to just make people laugh. We know the world right now can
be depressing so Dan and Jon want to give their audience something to help them tune out the news
and just laugh. Even if it’s just for a few minutes to make people feel better that their entire face, mouth
and stomach are not on fire like The Lava Boys, they just want to make you laugh.

“Lava Bless.”

Watch The Lava Boys on Youtube

Follow The Lava Boys on Instagram

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