Magnify Brewing: a Round of Applause

Magnify Brewing Co.

On April 20th Magnify Brewing released a very special limited 4 pack.

*Now sold out.*

Brewing “Round of Applause” is a simple gesture the brewery chose to say thank you to the local COVID-19 hero’s. This limited time craft beer is a Hazy IPA. Round of Applause is pale in color, low in bitterness and big in tropical fruit notes. They picked this style because it best represents Magnify Brewering, its one of their favorite styles and its the perfect flavor profile for this time of year. The limited edition beer was a community favorite.

Since we are legally not allowed to give beer away, we are charging $1 for one 4 pack. ALL revenues we receive from this beer will be 100% matched by us, Magnify Brewing Co, and together we will donate these funds to Human Needs Food Pantry in Montclair, NJ. •

Magnify Brewing Co

Round of Applause was available for purchase only by first responders and it was such an instant hit, they sold out within three days. They provided one dollar four packs to 600 Frontline hero’s.

A little love and appreciation goes a long way. Thank you to Magnify Brewing for giving back to their community and for raising money for the Human Needs Food Pantry in Montclair, NJ

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