Hudson Houses’ Dan Brunina: at Home

Chef Dan From Hudson House in Jersey City shares another recipe with us. This time he will be teaching you how to make bread at home incase you’ve missed out on this easy, yet trendy chance to show off your homemaking skills during quarantine.

350g Castle Valley bolted wheat flour

50g semolina

20g rosemary

2g instant yeast

8g salt

4g white pepper

300g lukewarm water
1. Mix all your ingredients together and shape.
2. Fold your dough every 2-4 hours and let rise for 24 hours.
3. Heat your oven to 500F.
4. Preheat a Dutch oven in your over.
5. After your final shaping and proofing, place your break inside the Dutch oven and bake until your bread crust is nice, golden and crispy

Thank you Chef Dan for Sharing!

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