From Moonshiners to Heroes: Skunktown Distillery makes Hand Sanitizer for First Responders

As the COVID-19 cases grew in New Jersey, many businesses were challenged to maintain stability. A different approach to the way small businesses conducted business was inevitable and challenging for some. Paul, the owner at Skunktown Distillery, understood the social responsibility bestowed upon him and decided to happily invite change to his business plan.

Over the past couple of weeks, Skunktown has been producing and donating hand sanitizer to frontline workers in their community. Understanding the art of distilling, Skunktown has been using a step in their distilling process to create this highly sought after gel. The head, the first part in distilling, is emulsified with isopropyl and aloe vera creating your final product, hand sanitizer.

Paul has donated to the local police, firefighters and those working in healthcare in the Hunterdon area of New Jersey. Skuntown Distillery is still open for curbside pickup and continues to produce hand sanitizer. Please continue to make smart purchases and support small businesses who promise to serve their communities in any way. At Skunktown your well spent money will go towards the production of hand sanitizer so please do your part in keeping our beautiful state clean and healthy during this pandemic.

Make sure to place your order ahead of time and stop by Fridays and Saturday from 2-7pm for curbside pickup.

Also, Check them out on Facebook!


12 Minneakoning Rd. Suite 110B, Flemington, NJ

Please consider making a donation to the Hunterdon Healthcare Foundation COVID-19 Support Fund here:

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