BLue Fish Grill

Kelly and Stacy are the proud owners of a porch very familiar to many of us here in town, the gobsmackingly delicious star of Stangl Road, Blue Fish Grill. Home of the Tokyo Taco, the Cali-Mex Burrito and… hmm I don’t think I’ve gotten any other entree in the last seventeen times that I’ve been… Blue Fish Grill has been serving the greater Flemington area delicious food since 2007, and not even a pandemic is going to slow them down.

Kelly and Stacy moved here nearly 15 years ago. They not only own Blue Fish Grill in the borough, but they also live in the borough. True champions of Flemington! Stacy is originally from Los Angeles and Kelly is from South Jersey. They met while working together in a kitchen in Hollywood for celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck. They have three children: Aidyn, Bella and Elvis.

Since the quarantine, Stacy has become a stay at home dad. Stacy has asthma making him high risk for virus complications, so he currently is not in the back of the house at BFG to avoid as much exposure as possible. Kelly has been manning the restaurant along with a dedicated skeleton crew. She said that her kids are e-learning at home. “Teenagers are still in their rooms, that hasn’t changed!” Stacy told me he has been playing more video games to stay in touch with friends.

They’ve been very busy trying to adjust the business to the new way of operating. They are still serving lunch and ‪dinner Tuesday thru Saturday‬ from 11:30 – 7:30, but doing take-out only is a completely different ballgame from having a robust sit-down service combined with a smattering of take-out. Check out their updated specials every day on facebook and instagram and peruse their whole menu at their website. They do no-contact curbside pickup for maximum caution.

Kelly told me their biggest worries are her kids and their “own mental and emotional stability thru all of this is foremost, but we really are worried about our business and if we will be able to financially survive this over the next couple months.” Please remember to support your local businesses so that they’re still here when this is all over.

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Written by Dave Norton

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