Dalgona or “whipped” Coffee

Over at bestfoodsnj we LOVE coffee, especially iced. Keeping us occupied and ability to focus throughout the day. Now with that being said, we don’t always want the same cup of joe. We want to show you a little way to brighten up your average iced coffee with Dalgona Coffee or Whipped Coffee.

Dalgona Coffee is a whipped coffee drink with cold milk that originates from South Korean. Unlike Pheti hui Coffee or “Pakistani Latte” which has the addition of hot milk. This recipe is quite easy. You can use either a hand mixer or if you’re feeling strong, a whisk will do!

Serves: 2


Favorite instant coffee, 4 tbsp

Granulated sugar, 4 tbsp

Boiling water, 4 tbsp

Milk or dairy free alternative, 2 cups


Begin to boil your water. Set up mixer unless whipping by hand.

Put sugar, instant coffee and boiling water in mixer bowl. Whip for couple of minutes. You’ll notice aeration begin to take place once bubbles appear and mixture takes on as a whole mass.

After a couple minutes, mixture begins to form a “soft peak”. This means the coffee mixture holds its shape from the whisk and then slightly crashes back down.

Whip for a couple more minutes until you reach a stiff peak.

Place ice in cups, add milk and spoon over your whipped coffee. Enjoy.

Recipe by:

Nash Reba


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