Emergency Free Farmers Market

A free farmers market was held today in Lambertville, NJ to help anyone in or near the community who may be facing hardship due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The various sponsors & volunteers came together early this morning to set up shop in order to make sure the basic needs of their community were met. Their offerings included vegetables, fruit, and dairy products. There were no difficult instructions or applications, you simply had to show up to receive produce.

As we mentioned before, our entire team here at Best Foods New Jersey have anchor jobs in the service industry which left us all unstable when the pandemic hit. The gratitude and sense of community we see and experience daily is the silver lining in all of this. We thank the following sponsors for helping us directly by putting some much needed fresh produce in our home kitchen. We will be sharing the kind offerings with some of our neighbors in the spirit of taking care of each other. We ask all of our readers to look into the sponsors listed below, do your part in taking care of your community by donating or volunteering your time. The only way out of these trivial moments is through and the only way through is together.

Rolling Harvest Food Rescue Since 2010, Rolling Harvest has been focused on partnering with local farmers, making it easy for them to share their fresh, healthy produce with the food-insecure communities in which they live. Our dedicated volunteers help with daily pick-up and delivery schedules from 38 farms and food producers, assist with weekly distributions to more than 60 hunger relief sites, and glean (harvest) directly from our farm partners’ fields.


Farmers Against Hunger Farmers Against Hunger (FAH) was started in 1996 as a way to enable farmers throughout New Jersey to contribute their extra produce to those in need.  Prior to the development of Farmers Against Hunger a few farmers tried to donate produce to their local food bank or food pantries, but transportation was always a problem.  When farmers are in the midst of growing and harvesting, there is little time to have employees truck produce to a non-paying destination.  And, for the most part, the food banks or pantries did not have vans, trucks or drivers to go and get the produce at a moment’s notice.  With the financial support of the Bonner Foundation to purchase our first truck, Farmers Against Hunger was founded.


Solebury Orchards Located in the heart of scenic Bucks County. Growing apples, peaches, blueberries, and other fruits. The farm is well known for its high quality fruit and picturesque country setting. 

Zone 7 We’re Zone 7 – a New Jersey-based, 100% local farm fresh food distributor. Our goal is to keep the connection alive between farmer and customer. We work with 120+ sustainable farms and 300+ restaurants, schools, grocers, and more to make this a reality. We’re leading the way in promoting our farms and customers while changing the way people see the local food economy.

Fulper Family Homestead Fulper Family Farmstead is a people-oriented family business focused on building dependable, loyal relationships with our customers and meeting the demand of local consumers for fresh, local food. We believe in sharing our farm’s practices and the way our farm has evolved over time with complete transparency through our dairy products and on-farm experiences. We are motivated by our desire to provide a supplemental way for our 5th-generation farm to increase profitability so it remains sustainable for future generations.

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