Gabriel’s Fountain is An Ice Cream Enthusiast’s Dream

I was first introduced to Gabriel’s Fountain by a friend of mine. She knew my understanding of what good food should be and promised I wouldn’t be disappointed. What a bold statement I thought. I put forth my trust and am thankful I did.

Gabriel’s Fountain Kitchen & Creamery is a Rustic American Restaurant and Ice Cream Shop in Martinsville (right near Bridgwater) specializing in well-crafted food, and unique seasonal homemade ice cream. In-laws Alex Alb & Michael Montesano are owners & operators of Gabriel’s Fountain. Putting both vision’s into place, they fostered an establishment that was well received by the community, By simply re-imagining what a classic American eatery is, they have managed to make ice cream relevant 12 months out of the year.

Gabriel’s Fountain has many different flavors, swirls, toffee mixed, hot fudge dripping combinations . The Flavor experts at Gabriel’s know exactly what what to look for when creating their flavors. They dedicate time to research flavor pairings and textural appeal to bring to customers a variety of flavors and toppings we know you’ll be drooling over, They’ve created some really spectacular ice cream.

They also do a wonderful job in creating vegan options that not just vegans will love. Some of these vegan options include Strawberry-Beet-Rose and Lemon-Sage Sorbet. Actually, why not combine both? That combo sounds very refreshing and perfect after a day full of outdoor activities.

They’ve recently been collaborating with Good Donut Shop by creating a pop up shop that brings you beer & donut pairings!

This spring, make sure to try their new fluffy donut ice cream, The Strawberry Jelly Donut Ice Cream. Make sure to call ahead and place your order for curbside pickup or deliver! Call 732-469-5800 to place orders!

With their ever changing menu you may not have noticed but Gabriel’s Fountain recently collaborated with Hillsborough’s Flounder Brewing. Indulgence, their Chocolate Stout will leave you chocolate intoxicated.

The 3 business’s came out with a Stout n’ Donuts Ice cream. Using donuts from Good Donut Shop and Flounder Brewing’s’ Black Emerald Irish Stout to create a compelling, luxurious ice cream.

Gabriels unique approach to the art of ice cream is truly something special. This is a hidden gem. You don’t just want good ice cream, you need Gabriel’s ice cream.


1948 Washington Valley Rd,
Martinsville, NJ, 08836


Monday- Thursday     11:30am-9pm
Friday                            11:30am-10pm
Saturday                        11:00am-10pm
Sunday                           11:30am-9pm


Written by: Nash Reba

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