Don't Throw Away Your Celery Butts!!! -Try this Life Hack-

It’s truly amazing the simple things you can do in your every day life in order to not over consume and create waste. An easy life hack you can implement is re-growing certain vegetables in water. The correct term for this growing method is called Hydroponics defined as the growth of plants without the presence of soil.

6CO2 + 6H2O → C6H12O6 + 6O2

The above equation is the process a plant undergoes in order to grow, photosynthesis. A plant uses sunlight and chlorophyll within its leaves to convert water and carbon dioxide into glucose and oxygen. At no point is soil mentioned in that equation. This is why you should try Hydroponics at home!

Amount of growth our celery stalk had three days after being placed in water.

How to grow:

(this is what has worked best for us)

After you have cut your celery, place the scrap inside a quart container. If you do not have a quart container you can use a tall/wide glass. Pour in a shallow amount of water, about an inch. Cover your container without sealing it and place in a warm sunny windowsill, i just use a quart container lid. I like to change the water every two days, rotating the plant as well.

Amount of growth our celery stalks had seven days after being placed in water.

The reason i like to use a quart container is for more than just one reason. After having grown celery hydroponically indoors in the past i have learned that if the plant is not molded, it will grow wide instead of in a tight bunch. The walls of the container serve as a guide. The second reason why i like these containers is because of the corresponding lid. You can collect these by ordering lots of Chinese food or by simply working in the service industry. Keep your celery covered by fastening only half of the lid onto the container itself. This helps create a micro climate warmer than room temperate. Lastly, i like using quart containers because they just happen to fit perfectly on my kitchen windowsill.

Check back later for more progress!

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