Preparing for a "Long Winter" – Fermenting with Nash

In celebration of our first week of “social distancing”, we are releasing the second chapter of our mini “food preservation” series. Without even knowing it, we began preparing for quarantine about a month ago when Profeta Farms had an abundance of local raw honey and garlic. We decided to make Fermented Garlic Honey.

In this recipe we want to signify the importance of preservation. Our current epidemic is a perfect example as to why it is important for survival to know some basics in food preservation. Although all our front line defenders are hard at work to provide normalcy while we all get to just stay home and avoid getting sick or go stir crazy, it puts things in perspective. Life is fragile and we should all be prepared. We should also learn to appreciate the hard work and dedication of our states farmers. Not just now but always. Instead of allowing your produce and their hard work go to waste, use a quick preservation method to bring new life and ingredients to your next meal.

Once you have your finished product, try spreading your fermented garlic cloves over a buttery crostini and add prosciutto. For the honey, drizzle it on your pizza crust, use it in your dressings, or heck, even mix it it with your favorite hot sauce!

Wait time: 1 month +

For this recipe, you want to begin by sterilizing your jar tops in boiling water for ten minutes. Make sure if you are using a glass mason jar, to clean it out with hot water thoroughly.


Garlic, 2 Heads cleaned

Honey, 2 Cups


Bring a small pot of water to a boil. Slightly place your jar of honey in the water to soften the honey, making it easier to pour.

Peel away the skin of every garlic clove from one head and remove any discolored spots. Place your cloves into your mason jar.

Pour warmed honey over the garlic cloves in your mason jar. Mix thoroughly with a spoon. Seal and date your mason jar and place it in a cabinet or somewhere in your kitchen where it can just hang out.

Every Day After:

After three days of activity, “burp” your mason jar. You will notice some difficulty opening the jar and small bubbles activating once you open it. Allow the gases to release by burping your garlic honey daily. The first couple of days lightly swirl the garlic around in the honey. Over the next couple days/week, you’ll notice the garlic cloves will float. This is normal! DO NOT forget to stir garlic during this period. Garlic will eventually fall down, which again is normal. After time the honey will become looser and flavors/characteristics will begin to show in both the honey and the garlic.

This ferment is super easy and gives you two wonderful products to play with. I suggest over time placing some of your garlic and honey into another small jar and “forget about”. Thank me later.

Recipe by:

Nash Reba


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