With the idea of meal delivery service sometimes people are skeptical, and we understand that. Especially when it comes to “trendy” foods or diets. Hoping the meals are going to taste good, and hoping you’ll like every ingredient being used. With the worst thought of not knowing if your meals are even worth it. But what if we told you about a perfectly New Vegan Meal Service!

100% PLANT BASED,GLUTEN FREE Meals Delivered to Your Door by Lesbi Veggies

Self-taught plant based chef and owner, Brennah Marie can ensure that your meals are 100% homemade with care and absolutely delicious, with your health always in mind. With being vegan herself for over 4 years, she put her passion for a wholesome healthy lifestyle into her cooking.

Native to South Jersey, LesbiVeggies is eager to cultivate a new and innovative spin to what we believe food should be.. healthy, sustainable, and delicious! By fully preparing convenient, restaurant quality, plant based, gluten free meals to be delivered to you! They pride themselves by only using clean, whole food, plant based ingredients in every preparation. While the consumer can relax knowing their plate is filled with clean nutritious food.

Whether you need those quick “on-the-go” healthy meals, or the benefits of a plant based lifestyle, They got you covered with confidence! They look forward to showcasing their talents through feeding YOU the best quality and best tasting plant based food.

Loaded sweet potato anyone?

Want to accommodate for your vegan, gluten free, and soy free friends at your next party?

Let them cater your next event!

With their catering trays includes a generous amount of plant based deliciousness for any occasion. View their wide range of options here. Contact them for additional information or with any questions they can answer for you! HOLIDAY MENUS ADDED IN SEASON.

Lesbi Veggies is not only affordable, but readily available and convenient for all to binge and not feel guilty.

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