Scoops on Wheels

“I’ve always been obsessed with ice cream,” exclaims Gabriella Truppi, the owner of Scoops On Wheels.

Truppi’s love for ice cream and strong determination turned her dream of owning an ice cream shop into a reality. Ever since she was little the delicious treat has always been her favorite dessert. Now with her scoops and some wheels, Gabriella is making great ice cream available on location.

Gabriella began dreaming of her own ice cream shop while she was a high school student. Before she had the chance to realize her dream she found herself busy applying to college and was forced to put her ice cream dreams on hold… but not for too long.

In April 2019, while driving with her parents, Gabriella saw a food truck for sale. Her mom exclaimed, “Why don’t you open an ice cream truck?”

That dream became reality sooner than she anticipated. She had originally thought that owning an ice cream shop would happen later in her life, definitely after college. She was planning on being a school teacher and running an ice cream business during the summers.

I’m pretty sure she [my mom] meant for that [ice cream business] to be a later in life thing too, but something in me clicked and I decided I was going to do this.” –Truppi

Soon after seeing the food truck, Truppi developed her business plan and applied for multiple business loans, personal loans and lines of credit but was denied. She even applied for a special finance plan on the truck.

“It was a Monday night in May and I didn’t get it [the truck loan].”

She was coming to terms with the harsh reality that her dream might not happen. Determined, she decided to take one last look at Craigslist. This time she noticed that the truck she had been eyeing dropped in price and she called the owners. She drove to Bayshore, Long Island where she picked up the truck and now has managed her way into some of the best food spots in New Jersey.

Scoops on Wheels held a successful grand opening in the summer of 2019 with more than 200 people attending. Since then, the business has been featured at events, festivals and private home parties.

At 20 years old, Gabriella has opened a successful woman-owned business on the love of ice cream. With the summer season slowing down, she decided to spend her winter delivering ice cream to parties and special events. Look for the pink truck in your area this Spring!

Scoops On Wheels has been nominated for 2020 Food: Food Truck and 2020 Food: Ice Cream on the Hunterdon Happening List!

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