Italian Food and Farm Tour

At BFNJ we LOVE food! So much so that we are always looking for great ways to experience it. Our friends from Martenette Farms in Hillsborough, NJ have orchestrated a Fattoria al Tavalo trip (Farm to Table) in southern Italy! Touring and tasting olive farms, cheese makers, vineyards, foraging for mushrooms and herbs in the Sannio hills, and of course cooking and eating authentically in the kitchens of a little medieval town called Pontalondalfo. (Yes there is even an old castle which participants will be invited to explore!)

The trip is ALL inclusive sans air fare. Stay 7 nights at B&B Al Castello, visiting multiple farms each with pairing and tasting workshops as well as behind the scenes looks of how it’s all made! Don’t hesitate, as there’s only room for 10 people on this adventure!

For more info and to register before the March 13th deadline visit

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