Black River Roasters

From the beans to the cup, Black River Roasters exclusively sources organic certified coffees. At BRR you can find consistent, high-quality, Fair Trade & Rainforest Alliance Certified specialty coffee.

Black River Roasters began as a small, wholesale company roasting small-batch specialty coffee in Vermont. In 2014, they moved to what is still their current roasting facility in Whitehouse Station, NJ. By 2015, Black River Roasters finished construction on a new cafe which you can find within the same building. Much like a brewery, this specialty coffee shop allows you to watch the process of roasting carefully selected beans while enjoying your favorite caffeinated beverage.

Their mission is to spread awareness from seed to cup by sourcing their beans exclusively from organic certified, fair trade farms.

We believe that social and environmental responsibility is paramount in the coffee industry which is why we were thrilled for the opportunity to put the spot light on Black River Roasters.

They understand that giving back to their community is vital to their business so they offer Educational Better Brewing at Home Workshops to teach those interested in various brewing methods. They also hold roasting seminars, weekly coffee cupping, and are actively involved with their community. You can find the staff at farmer’s markets and other events in the central Jersey area constantly working on their community outreach.

Black River Roasters offers ambiance, education, and a damn good coffee cup for their community to enjoy. From their cozy sleek, yet modern interior to their wonderfully crafted espresso based drinks and more! We highly recommend you add this place to your rotation.

Pure, no-nonsense, specialty, organic coffee.

This past summer, BRR installed a new Loring Smart Roaster to ensure consistent quality and decrease their carbon footprint.

Black River Roasters take their craft seriously one bean at a time.

They provide both single-origin coffees and specialty-crafted house blends. They will soon be breaking ground on a new facility, which we hope to get the scoop on! Lastly, be on the look out for the Black River Roasters Coffee Truck sometime in the future. We are all anxiously awaiting the reveal!

Already love their coffee? Buy a bag here


424 US Highway 22 West
Whitehouse Station, NJ 08889

M-F: 6:30am-6pm

Saturday, Sunday: 8:30am-4pm

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