Skunktown Gold Manor Farm’s Apple Pie with Sweet Tea

If you’re sitting next to a campfire and enjoying that nice tamed breeze what more do you want than a Skunktown Gold Manor Farm’s Apple Pie with Sweet Tea. That’s right, say it with us, APPLE PIE MOONSHINE SWEET TEA. No matter the setting or the temperature, enjoy this drink either on ice or steamy hot.

Serves 4



Skunktown Applepie Moonshine, 10 oz

Honey, 3 heaping tbsp

Your favorite Black Tea, 1 packet

Orange, 1 slice

  1. Brew your tea! Add honey to achieve preferred sweetness.
  2. Cut one orange slice.
  3. Cut a slit halfway on your orange slice and run on the rim of your glass.
  4. If enjoying warm, use 10oz of Skunktown’s Apple Pie Moonshine and top your glass with hot sweet tea.
  5. If enjoying cold allow your tea to sit until room temperature. Then do steps 3 and 4. Add some ice cubes and enjoy.

Enjoy Responsibly

Check out their bottles here

12 Minneakoning Rd #110b
Flemington, NJ 08822 
(908) 824-7754 
Fri: 5-9pm • Sat: 2-8pm 

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