Marlboro Diner

“It’s our own little success story, it’s my baby”, Kara Petrou, owner of Marlboro Diner in Marlboro NJ.

Coming from a family of two immigrants from a small Island, Cyprus, Kara’s family built their American Dream by putting their heart and soul into the Marlboro Dinner.

“My parents started off working for people in the business and then finally saved money to buy their own. And it took off from there!”

Living nearby, they always passed their current location and watched it be a revolving door of owners. The place took on a few different names but none really landed. One day her father took interest to the place and knew it could reach its potential with them. They renovated and decorated it the way they believed brought a “home away from home” feel. Almost 5 years later, The Marlboro Diner continues to thrive thanks to their love of hospitality and incredible food.

Kara owe’s all of her knowledge and opportunities to her family but especially to her father. “He is my Pride and Joy, I am forever grateful for him believing in me with my goal.”

She could have never done any of this without him constantly pushing her through. She continued to dedicate her days and nights to fulfill her dream of a perfect service experience. The families hard work payed off and the proof is in this all America, perfect example of what a true Jersey Dinner should be.

The Marlboro Diner is the perfect combination of modern and classic dishes that don’t compare to most diners. They have very inexpensive specials served all day, from breakfast to dinner.

Breakfast, M-F 7-11am

THE WAKE UP! $4.99

-Two eggs any style

-Choice of any meat

-Choice of toast and potatoes OR pancakes OR fresh fruit

Dinner, M-F 3-6pm, $12.99

EARLY BIRD MENU: includes soup, salad, potato & vegetable, dessert and one beverage for only $12.99 !

All other dinner specials after 6PM include soup, salad, potato&vegetable, and a choice of dessert.

Everything from speciality milkshakes to burgers with sweet & savory toppings, Marlboro has it all with their inventive menu. Great vegetarian options like gyro with beets and hummus or “adult grilled cheese” with fig jam, Brie cheese and sliced apples.

If you’re daring with your food options I think they have everything that comes to mind. Key Lime French toast or Toffee Crunch Pancakes are a great example!

Aside from bringing food to the table, she believes experience is very important. I take pride in what she does to the community. Interacting with every customer is a must. No matter who walks in that door, they’re treated like family. At Marlboro Diner you can find a happy staff and an even happier crowd.

Marlboro Diner

143 US Highway 9 S

Written by: Nash Reba

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