Pickling 101 with Nash

Do you ever get an abundance of hot or sweet peppers from your garden or perhaps from your co-workers? Maybe it’s that special pepper variety that they’ve watched grow from the start of germination. Well, no matter where you got them from, you might not be sure what to do with them. So, let’s start off with a super easy, fun and delicious pickled pepper recipe!

Perhaps a cool pepper like this one!

The first step into successful pickling is sanitation! In order for pickling to be safe and allow good fermentation/bacteria to occur, you mush sanitize all equipment. In this instant, you’ll use bleach to sanitize your mason jar, cutting board and knife. Next, dilute bleach in hot water and scrub all of the equipment, rinse, and pat dry.

In this recipe I used mild jalapeño’s from a local farm.

Prep time: 15-20 minutes.

Wait time: 1 week-–whenever your heart desires

Equipment list:

Cutting Board

Chef’s Knife

1 Quart Mason Jar


Small Sauce Pot


Cheesecloth (optional)

Ingredients 1 Quart

Jalapeños (or other sweet/hot peppers, size vary) 12 each

Garlic, peeled, cracked 3 each

Water 1/2 cup

Salt 2 tbsp

Champagne Vinegar 1 1/2 cup

Sugar (white) 1/2 cup

Other spices (coriander, thyme, mustard seeds, red pepper, black pepper, etc.) 2 tbsp

I started this 8/25 and in refrigeration 9/9


Once all items are sanitized, gather and measure the ingredients. Make sure to wash your hands and wear the gloves. Slice the jalapeños/peppers in your desired thickness and place in the mason jar. In this instance, I left in the seeds for heat retention and made 1/4 inch slices. Once the peppers are cut, smash the garlic with the side of the knife with the fist, so be careful! Add dry spices into the pot over low heat and toast the spices for 3 minutes, stirring occasionally. Once the spices are aromatic, add in the liquid and garlic. Cover with the lid and bring to a boil. Once the pot hits a rapid boil, add the salt and sugar and whisk until they dissolve. Once dissolved, pour the hot liquid over the peppers. Let the peppers sit out in room temperature until cool. Place either the lid or cheesecloth on the mason jar. If you decide to putt on the lid, boil the water in tall pot and add the mason jar with lid for ten minutes until it seals. The seal will suck in once cool. Place in a closet for a couple weeks to allow fermentation to occur and enjoy at your next Friday party!

-Nash Reba


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