Millburn Deli

Have you ever had that moment where you stopped completely in your tracks and thought to yourself, “This sandwich is life changing”? Oddly enough this happened to us recently at the Millburn Deli located in the heart of Millburn, New Jersey.

Started in 1946, the Millburn Deli has helped gain a public following with their classic yet fun approach to food. Owner Andrew Morgan has helped make the deli what it’s known for today, from the tacky yet hilarious wall decor, to their delicious sandwiches, all the way to the positive and enthusiastic team morale.

As you walk into the long countered deli, you’re greeted with the glow of packed faces that are ready to get their lunch. It’s a lunch in which they’ve been day dreaming about all day. You then notice the nostalgic ticket machine reading, “Please take a number.” When you look down the line of options, one may think they’re in heaven. With creations ranging from toasted “Jay Ray” (chicken cutlet, bacon, cheddar cheese, BBQ sauce and chipotle ranch), to their famous take on “Sloppy Joe’s,” I’m positive you won’t be disappointed. Since it was our first visit, we asked the gentleman on the counter what he recommended. He smiled at us and told us their most popular sandwiches (which we obviously HAD to try!)

The Godfadda

One of their most popular options includes fried chicken cutlets, smokey bacon and fresh mozzarella, all melty and toasted together on a Russian sub roll.

The Gobbler

You won’t wanna wait for thanksgiving for this one. Roasted turkey, lettuce, mayo and black pepper are piled under homemade stuffing and cranberry relish. It’s then stacked on toasted Rye bread.

Ham Sloppy Joe

Okay, now this is what people come here for! Their meaning of “Sloppy Joe” means piled HIGH with sweet and tangy coleslaw. Options range from smoked/slow roasted ham, turkey and much more!

This place is 100% worth taking a lunch date trip to. The options and flavors are out of this world. We could talk more about it, but it’s better to try yourself!

We’re gonna be honest, this deli gets packed. So if you’re running late on your lunch order, don’t worry! The team succeeds in the factor of fast, well executed sandwiches that are available through DELIVERY or DOORDASH!

-Nash Reba


One Comment

  1. A B Seawell

    The Millburn Deli is the best! Been eating their Sloppy Joes since Burt anf Anne made them for my family back in the 1960’s. The Deli carries on bigger and still makes delicious sandwiches, that I still love! Thank goodness for PA. delivery!


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