We had the pleasure of taking a beautiful summer drive to Montclair to indulge ourselves with a sustainable, hip and organic food company: Bareburger. It’s so easy to be enticed by Bareburger with their highly extensive vegan, gluten free and non-GMO options. We promise that flavor and texture is not compromised. From the vegan conscious menu items to the 100% organic grass fed burger from Vermont Country Farms, this place makes sure that you’re enjoying good food that is good for you!

In levels not even comparable to your average burger joint, their selection ranges from classic options to vegan and gluten free burgers and hot dogs. This place puts quality at the top of their priority list. Even the chicken used for their buttermilk fried chicken is free range! Another very interesting food ingredient we picked up on was their vegan grated parmesan cheese. Skeptics at first, we were pleased to find this ingredient added a textural element to our brussels sprout dish. We’ll even share the secret: the vegan parmesan is composed of potato starch, sea salt and coconut oil!

We definitely wanted to try their bison burger, but also wanted to take a deep dive into their vegan menu. With an abundant amount of options, it took us a while to select our meals, but we finally narrowed it down. But did the food live up to its hype?

It sure did. 

The Paul Bunyan

This lean and moist bison burger captured the essence of sweet honey with the tang of blue cheese and was balanced with sweet caramelized onions. This was for sure a favorite amongst our team.

Bareburger has launched a forward thinking menu that is 50% VEGAN! It highlights plant-based meats like the Impossible and Beyond Burgers, updated signature burgers, loaded sides, shakes and a ton more.

The Guadalupe (VEGAN)

This Spanish inspired vegan burger highlights flavors of classic Tex-Mex cuisine with its black bean, roasted corn and poblano patty. It’s piled high with brightly colored chunky guacamole, alfalfa sprouts, pickled red onions and a slice of tomato.  

Scott’s Waffles (GLUTEN FREE)

Perfectly fried waffle fries heavily topped with pickled jalapeños, guacamole, spicy pico de gallo, habanero mayo and parmesan cheese. This is a dish worth sharing, if you dare!

Crispy Brussels sprout with tempeh bacon (VEGETARIAN)

Thinly sliced asiago cheese combined with citrusy lemon juice on top of sea salted Brussels sprouts. All these ingredients really bring the flavors together.

Penn Station Dog (Vegan)

Served on a warm pretzel bun, this smokey and spicey “Beyond Bratwurst” is made with peas, fava beans and has 43% less fat than traditional pork sausage. Accompanied by your traditional stone ground mustard and pickles, this vegan hot dog taste and sizzles, just like the real thing!

Mint Chocolate Cookies ‘n’ Cream (VEGAN)

Their vegan milkshake is made with fresh torn mint, thin sliced coconut and uses coconut milk based ice cream and hemp milk. “It won’t get you high, but it will take you places!”

Make sure to check out 1 of their 5 locations to get your healthy yet flavorful fix. It’ll make both your heart and your wallet happy!

-Nash Reba, @bestfoodsnj

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