The Real Salad House’s of New Jersey.

“ Your body is like an automobile , you can save money and put cheap gas in it now but you eventually pay more when it is dying on you … well your body is the same, you can buy cheap food now but pay for it tenfold later in life with illness!” These were the words spoken by Joey Cioffi’s father. Words that would go on to become the foundation of Joey’s vision.

What if a perfect middle existed? Well i’m here to tell you that it does. Affordable, healthy, fresh, and fast are the qualities that make The Salad House a BFNJ favorite. We visited the Somerville location but for those that may not live close there are options! The Salad House also has shops in Milburn, Morristown, and Westfield with more hopefully popping up throughout the state.


We sat down and chatted with the owner Joey and his franchisee, Dave Delinko. They were so passionate about The Salad House and what it meant to them which was truly inspiring. The menu was carefully curated to have a little something for everyone. At The Salad House you can get kid friendly food, something for the healthy driven, and even a steak topped salad your husband can fall in love with. Varied and intriguing we really loved their menu and it was even visually appealing!


The Best Foods NJ team agreed on the Southwestern wrap style (tomato wrap) and the reel love salad. We also tried the Green Giant smoothie made with spinach, pineapple, kale and banana.


We were blown away by the serving size and quality. We then tried some more things! The Pesto Chx sandwich was fresh and flavorful but the Buffalo Poppers had our taste buds POPPIN’! We honestly wished we had a giant bowl of them.

We’re hoping to collaborate in the future with the guys so make sure to stay tuned! Again we would love to thank Joey and Dave for inviting us to chat, our time there was spent brainstorming, chatting but most of all energizing with healthy delicious food! Make sure to check them out and get there early! The place filled out really quick for lunch.


One more thing we’d love to add this heart warming video of The Salad House team and their commendable work for giving back to the community. We hope to join them next time!

Make sure to give them a like/follow and stay tuned for their expansion! If you or someone you know is passionate and interested please be sure to email owner Joey Cioffi for franchise information at



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