Patrizia’s of Red Bank, NJ.

As I sat there inhaling my Tagliatelle Al Tartufo freshly twirled in a giant cheese wheel right before my eyes, I knew I was in food heaven…. and yes, I ate every last bite. I was never a huge fan of pasta. Growing up, rice was an almost every day staple in may house hold which is why pasta never struck me as interesting. I’ve eaten pasta dishes from simple family restaurants to high end fine dining and they never really did much for me. I’m salivating just thinking about the tagliatelle we had the other night though. The truffle aroma that filled the air was something out of this world. This dish alone is enough for a second BFNJ visit.


📸: @chocolateandcheeseplease

Our seconds favorite was definitely the wood fire brick oven roasted octopus. WOOD FIRE BRICK OVEN ROASTED OCTOPUS… say that three times. Marco our fantastic server told us many customers are hesitant to order this dish because in my opinion they lack adventure. This dish gave the octopus dish at Porta a run for their money. It was paired with roasted potatoes, caramelized onions, olives, capers and blistered tomatoes.

Aside from that the burrata was tasty and the wood fire Margherita was a perfect bite. Service was what made us want to highlight this place. We felt like we were home and from the looks and sounds of it, so did everyone else. We spoke to a table near by and they said it was one of their go to places. Always consistent and always a great time.

We ended our dinner on a great note, with some espresso and a caramel tuile wrapped cannoli!


Again we would like to give a big warm thank you to Matt, Marco and the entire staff at Patrizia’s of Red Bank… especially the talent working in the kitchen. #bestfoodsnjspringtour is well on its way so make sure to check back to see what other places we hit along the way this spring.

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