Grass-fed October Meister

      For those of you already in the know, the following won’t come as a surprise to you.  As for the rest of you, prepare to receive divine messages channeled in from the culinary gods of heaven and earth.   Project P.U.B. of Somerville,  NJ has been making grand strides in not only elevating the beer conesseur’s experience with month long tap take-overs by showcased breweries, but also by delivering dishes of deliciousness through the many local farm partnerships they have so proudly created.   In fact every Tuesday through the growing season you can find the Pintrest worthy picturesque market display of Martenette Farms certified organic produce alluring all who enter the warm glow of the rustic neo-Victorian barroom.  As you finger your way through the menu you’ll see many more local farms like Shibumi Mushrooms, Dogwood Farms, Green Duchess, as well as a few others depending on who and what’s in season.  Chef Carlton’s efforts in sourcing local is not just good for our economy but it’s a lesson in sustainability, eating fresh, and of course ensuring clean and high quality ingredients to all those who are gifted the experience of the food here.  As for me, I admit I have enjoyed the bounty “P.U.B.” presents every month since their opening and I honestly declare this months menu as their best menu yet!

Modelled after and paired with the label styling of this months NJ brewery, Czig Meister, (which might I add plesently surprised me with the quality and taste of their entire line up)  The entrees are cleverly called “the Shepard”, “the Blacksmith”, “the Sea Captain” and other names of similar character.   What I was most excited for  was the long awaited arrival of the grass fed lamb from Martenette Farms.

Coined as “the Shepard”, it was an outstanding shank and rib chop,  cooked to perfection, served on top of spaetzel and brussel sprouts.

We also got “the Sea Captain”, beautiful scallops covered in caviar served on top of an herb infused crispy quinoa.  Simply mouth watering…  For the record we had a table of 6 so we went big and tried most of their menu!

The special vegetarian entree of the month is “the Plowman”.  A potato pancake stuffed with brie cheese with a hefty portion of organic micro greens and arugula served on top.

“The Farmer” is really just a renaming of the ever evolving “Farmer’s Plate” which is what ever organic produce chef has to work with served with a tomato jam and sourdough toast.

Someone at the table also ordered “the Blacksmith” a blackened angus bacon burger with smoked cheddar on a pretzel bun.  As if their “P.U.B. Burger” isn’t good enough, the Blacksmith incarnation is definitely superior!

“The Fisherman” has one of my favorite flavors, lemon thyme butter sauce….. sweet potato hash and braised greens.

The final instalation on the October menu is “the Butcher”.  Green Duchess farm beer braised bratwurst & pork schnitzel, with a house made sauerkraut  and a warm potato salad.

Seriously, Project P.U.B. must have made some deal with the autumnal spirits to achieve such an exceptional menu offering this month.  Or perhaps they sacrificed a lamb,.. wait a minute they sort of actually did that!  Never the less, don’t miss this month at Project P.U.B.! Wether you enjoy a weeknight dinner, the ongoing Detox Retox yoga event every second Saturday, or the Halloween Bar crawl on the 28th, this is no trick,  treat yourself to a magnificent meal!

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