The Bridgewater Farmers Market

It’s official, the Garden State is earning back it’s name!  With much thanks to the growing social awareness and concern for environmental sustainability, being agriculturally conscious and connected is in.    NJ is blossoming out with new farms and markets and like Snoop Dog’s blonde sidekick Martha would say, “It’s a good thing!”

     This is the new market to watch out for!  Every Sunday 11a.m.-3p.m. June 25th-October 29th at the Somerset County Library Systems Bridgewater Branch the Healthier Somerset initiative along with Empower Somerset, Bridgewater Township and Kennette Productions will be collaborating on a market designed to engage and enrage community into a greater food and nutritional state of being.  The 1st market was exceptionally attended, over 600 people!  Bridgewater mayor, Dan Hayes opened the market by riding in on a vintage tractor before saying a few words to the community before cutting the inaugural zucchini instead of a ribbon!

The vendors list includes Morganics Family Farm, Stonybrook Meadows, Cheeches Own organic cold brew coffee, Shibumi Mushrooms, Aunt Dee Dee’s mobile oven truck, Norz Hill Farm and Martenette Farms as well as a few more late registrants to be expecred in the weeks to follow.  Partnered up with the Somerset County Library System Bridgewater Branch, community members are invited to sit in and participate with keynote speakers such as Adryan Hyde, Executive Director of the Northeast Organic Farming Association of NJ and many others through out the market’s 19 week run.  And what’s a market without live music?!  The talented John Busse performed a couple solo acoustic sets and is expected back a few more times before the market comes to a close October 29th.

Are you interested in becoming a vendor, volunteer, entertainer or speaker?  Contact Tony Kennette, market manager via:

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