Winter Pasta Classes at Osteria Morini

“Want to learn how to make pasta? Want your kids to learn as well? We have you covered.”

Recently the team at Best Foods NJ attended one of the many winter pasta making classes over at Osteria Morini, located in Bernardsville. Osteria Morini was first introduced to SoHo New York back in 2010 and since then has branched out to Osteria Morini NJ and Osteria Morini DC. Aside from being a well known and beloved ★★★ restaurant in New Jersey, Osteria Morini also offers a really unique pasta making experience. Twice a month until March, the incredible staff at Morini offers a hands on pasta making class. For all our parent readers, a noon class is also offered for children with a minimum age of 7. Now that we’ve hit all the basic information, we’re gonna do our best to share our experience with you.


After being greeted with a complementary glass of champagne and a tasty charcuterie layout, we took our seats where we were very surprised to find a white chefs coat hung neatly over the back of the seat. Let the experience begin! Kevin Knevals, the “Chef di Cucina” began the class by giving us a quick outline of what the class was comprised of and then we were off. First we got down and dirty, two hands deep into a bowl of the few key ingredients in pasta dough. Flour, eggs, and just some quick sprays of water. The dough we made was versatile and served as the base for two out of the three pastas to be created in the class.


We started out with the easiest which ended up being not so easy, bow ties. You would think bow ties are simple but really mastering a perfectly formed bow tie takes skill! Next we moved onto moon shaped squash filled pillows that descended straight from heaven. I made them for lunch the following day with just some brown butter and sage, easy simple. Next up were what i like to call little labors of love. Oh gnocchi, how perfect yet oh so annoying can you be! These take time and dedication. Each one must be carefully rolled and although there are various techniques, the traditional way is my favorite!

Once cleaned up, the party moved to the open kitchen dinning room where we got to mingle with the other guests of the class and await our dinner. The table was set beautifully with a special Morini brownie and a much appreciated recipe card for the gnocchi.

The first course was the moon shaped, squash filled pillows i mentioned. The dish was so light and simple and was topped off with my favorite, SHAVED TRUFFLES (insert heart face emoji). The flavors were seasonally appropriate and although simple it was seasoned to perfection! Next up for the main course we had hand rolled gnocchi with the most incredible braised short rib ragu, sofrito, and of course lots and lots of shaved parmesan (optional). This dish was heartier and jam packed with flavor. Every bite honestly made me wish i was a bottomless pit because i just wanted to continue indulging. For the final course we had bomboloni, a warm ricotta doughnut, paired with a spiced and whipped sweet potato spread. The crunchy exterior was fried golden brown and rolled in sugar and the whipped spread had delicious and subtle tones of warm spices like clove, cinnamon, and what to us seemed like cardamom. Unfortunately by the dessert course we were so wrapped up in intriguing conversation with the other guests that we forgot to take a picture for you guys but it is FULLY encouraged to go and try these bombolinis, they’re out of this world!

Below we listed all the upcoming classes so be sure to make your reservation, trust us you won’t want to miss this!

Winter Pasta Classes                                                                           Kids Pasta Classes
January 12th RESERVE HERE                                                            January 28th RESERVE HERE
January 26th RESERVE HERE                                                            February 25th RESERVE HERE
February 9th RESERVE HERE                                                            March 18th RESERVE HERE
February 23rd RESERVE HERE

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